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Prepare your company for digital transformation and discover
the world of cloud technologies


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Google Cloud for business

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Discover the secrets of the Google Cloud world



During our event, you will learn more about the Google Cloud Platform service.

Sounds familiar? Very good! Even if you are already a user, you will surely find something for yourself.
Sounds like black magic? Don't worry - we'll help you understand everything from the beginning.

Who is this event for?

for entrepreneurs from medium and large companies

for business owners interested in cloud solutions

for managers and
team leaders

What is Google Cloud Platform?

It is an advanced cloud computing service that allows applications to run and store data in the same highly scalable infrastructure that Google uses for its applications. More about GCP you can find here.

How can you use GCP?

During the event you will learn:

what are the types of cloud

whether the use of the cloud is safe for your company

which solution is best for your business


During the meeting, you will learn more about Google Cloud Platform.

April 14th, 2021 / (UTC+01:00)


Guest welcome


From basics to upscaling: How Google Cloud Platform may jump start your business growth


Fly On The Cloud

see the description of the lecture

Google Cloud Platform helps drive business transformation for the companies in retail, financial services, manufacturing, media, gaming, entertainment, telco, public sector, and healthcare. This presentation will help you understand the basics of Google Cloud solutions dedicated to various brands to help you make a well-informed decision about your next step towards business growth.


Private, public or multi-cloud? How to build a cloud implementation strategy in the company?

Teodor Tabirca

Fly On The Cloud

see the description of the lecture

Companies have the option of using different types of cloud computing. Each solution has both its strengths and weaknesses. You will learn about them during the presentation and you will find out which type of cloud will be best for your company.


The most popular facts and myths about the cloud

Zhivko Gurmanov

Fly On The Cloud

see the description of the lecture

Don't let misconceptions cast a shadow over your organization's ability to get the most out of the cloud. Here are 7 cloud myths we are going to debunk.


Serverless - Running a business without servers (or less servers).

Zdenko Hrček

see the description of the lecture

Software Consultant

Will go through serverless concepts, use cases, advantages/disadvantages and serverless offerings on Google Cloud.


Business use of partner programs to optimize time and costs in the operation of a technological start-up

Boleslaw Michalski

see the description of the lecture


A short presentation of solutions that make FOTC interesting for a start-up form a business perspective. How to fully benefit form Google cloud partners by identifying all positive aspects of such a cooperation in early stage of running a start-up.


AI and Data Warehouse with BigQuery

Dorian Hodorogea

see the description of the lecture

Google Cloud

The presentation will cover how Google BigQuery uses SQL knowledge in order to build, explore and analyzing data by creating a cloud Data Warehouse as well as the performance and benefits of a cloud solution. On top of that, the AI/ML inbuilt capabilities will be covered, all of these with SQL only.


Q&A session with Google Cloud Specialists


Zhivko Gurmanov

Fly On The Cloud

Zdenko Hrček

Boleslaw Michalski

Wioletta Lamot-Majewska

Fly On The Cloud

Teodor Tabirca

Fly On The Cloud

Software Consultant

Google Cloud

Dorian Hodorogea

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Is the event free?

Yes, the event is completely free.

Where will the event take place?

The event will be held via Google Meet.

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I don't know a lot about Google solutions - is this event for me?

Of course! The event is aimed at people who already have basic knowledge in this field, but also at beginners. Certainly everyone will find something for themselves ;)

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